MORTAL KOMBAT X v1.15.1 Android Apk Hack Mod Download

MORTAL KOMBAT X v1.15.1 Android Apk Hack Mod Download MORTAL-KOMBAT-X

MORTAL KOMBAT X v1.15.1 Mod Apk Hack (MEGA MOD) For Android Download
MORTAL KOMBAT X” play “Warner Bros. International Companies” is an action game designed by. You will build a team of Mortal Kombat fighters in the game, and you will try to
prove yourself and participate in the biggest tournament in the world. Will organize special attacks and powerful artifacts will try to win. You can also discover new additions
are also struggling. Realistic graphics and amazing characters will make you much fun playing the game. If you want to play this game full of action and you can start playing
immediately on the link below to download our game. MORTAL KOMBAT X Mod Apk Hack – Good luck.





Category: Android Games Download
Game Type: Action
Release Date: 31.10.2017
Language: English
Size:  The size varies according to device.
Developer Company: Warner Bros. International Companies
File Type: .apk
Note: Learn from your processor CPU-Z program.


1. Infinite Souls
2. Infinite Koins
3. Infinite Ally Credit
4 Unlocked Characters
6 Anti-Ban
7. License Removed

1. Infinite Souls
2. Infinite Koins
3. Infinite Ally Credit
4. Enemy has Zero Touchness
5. Enemy has Zero Recovery
6. Infinite Energy of Cards
7. Player has fastest Skill. Enemy has slowest Skill
8. Anti-ban
9. Infinite Health
10 Unlocked Characters
11. License Removed

1. “APK” install it on your device.
2. “” folder “android / OBB” into the copy.
3. For the first installers, the OBB file is required.
4. Enter the game.

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Found files “ESET NOD32” virus scanning is done with the program.


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Found files “ESET NOD32” virus scanning is done with the program.


Download Link
MOD APK + DATA Download
Alternative Link
MOD APK + DATA Download

Alternative MALI CPU Download
MOD APK + DATA Download

MORTAL KOMBAT X v1.15.1 Android Apk Hack Mod Download

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    iam frm indonesia

    • Your “OBB” folder you can not find? Is this a problem?

    • Vegarto

      Esa bisa bagi cpnya? Mau nanya” tentang cheat ini dong


    thx so muchhh


    i love apkx…..



  • RussianUser

    I don’t understand how to do this. I saw the video. Can smb help me?

    • Bro.
      1. Install the download the original game.
      2- Us (MOD HACK APK) file, install it on.
      3. Start the game.

      • Jugal

        So, there’s no data to be copied in Obb folder right? I just have to install the Original Mortal Kombat x and then I have install the modded version and that’s it right?

        • You need to overwrite the original file.

          • Anthony Vasquez

            Can u help me

        • Yes

  • CRYZ66

    we are the best we are the best apkxmoooodddddd
    we are the best apkxmod
    we are the best apkxmoooooddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

    • Thank you bro. Fallow me… 66

  • Cristina Raluca

    Mortal Kombat X Hack works perfectly for me , thanks , great job 😀

    • Hassan

      You hack mortal combat x on andrioid mobile

  • Hasan Assegaf

    what we get from thois hacked version?

  • Help me pls :)

    I was download Mortal Kombat X and it was been installed
    Then i was download the APK mod
    And while ill try to install it there is “You can’t install this app because on the device is already installed but in other name” Where is a problem ? 😡

  • John Englezos

    Hi, I just wanted to say thank you so much for this hack as I have been looking for a legit one for a long time as I have spent too much real money on this game and always get ripped off by getting bad cards.

    So to anyone that wants to try this, it DEFINITELY WORKS 100% and the way I got it to work was to uninstall my game completely, then install the right APK on your tablet, then transfer the

    with the MK file inside to the correct location from the info supplied.
    Thanks again to who ever made this hack, VERY MUCH APPRECIATED.

  • John Englezos

    Hi, just wanted to say you guys are magicians and thanks for this mod, it worked great and was wondering everytime a new update comes out, do I need a new hack to play it with ? If so , was wondering will you guys be making another one, thanks.

    • The new update was released. Good luck.

  • John Englezos

    you guys are awesome, my friend wanted me to ask you, can you make an apple hack for ios or do you know of any thanks ?

    • I’ve added a new mode again. MEGA MOD publication. You can download what you want. Good luck.

  • Lee Steiner

    Hi all just wondering can you please make a hack for mortal kombat X on Apple IPad? Or is there one ? My iPad is not jail broken an didn’t want to jail break it.
    All help is muchly appreciated thanks

    • Now is very difficult. I will do the research for you. See you.

      • Lee Steiner

        Awesome thankyou very much mate muchly appreciated

      • Lee Steiner

        Hi apkxmod just wondering if you found one for the iPad or anything yet plz? Thanks

        • Of course. I would like to help .. See you soon.

  • John Englezos

    Hi Apk , was wondering what is the difference between no god mode and god mode and how can i download the non god mode as there only seems to be a download link for the god mode one, thanks.Btw, i have an Adreno cpu tablet, which one is for that as i only see a turbobit one.

    • There are alternative link “” you can download. If the handset is the “root” if not, Mod- useless. (Intel CPU) processors, “ROOT” is not. Please, do your research on your device. See you.

      • John Englezos

        Ohh so this new mod only works if my android phone is rooted ? I got the 1.5 hack working on my non rooted phone, my phone is just standard and i have a sony xperia z2.

  • Blaise Gates

    Thank you for this upload! It works fine, good job! I would like to ask something.
    1: What will happen if i update the game normally via google play?
    2: Can i set the game back to normal somehow?
    Thank you very much!

    • John Englezos

      hey Blaise wondering is your phone or tablet rooted or hacked to get this mkx hack to work because mine isnt and i got mkx 1.5 hack to work but couldnt get any of the 1.6 hacks to work.

      Just wondering which one did you use and could you tell me how you got it working ,thanks.

      • Blaise Gates

        Hello. My phone is not rooted or hacked. I just downloaded the correct apk file + data for my phone cpu type and i followed the instructions and it worked for me. First install apk and then put the folder in the obb folder on your device.

        • John Englezos

          ok thanks man, i got 1.61 to work but was having troubles with the older version. But this one works well, maybe a little too well hey as you have unlimited everything, the game becomes a bit too easy hey

  • Mkxplayer

    Is there just a money mod? Or explain to me what the (Mega Mod) is?

    • What’s In The MOD:
      1. Infinite Souls
      2. Infinite Koins
      3. Infinite Ally Credit
      4. Enemy has Zero Touchness
      5. Enemy has Zero Recovery
      6. Infinite Energy of Cards
      7. Player has fastest Skill. Enemy has slowest Skill
      8. Anti-ban
      9. Remove License Verification

  • Mkxplayer

    What comes with the Mega Mod?

  • John Englezos

    Hi, is there anyway to get all the older challenge characters like Raiden and Lui Kang, Cold War Sonya ? Can you make a hack for this ?

    And by the way i got 1.6.1 to work on a non rooted phone, thanks.

    • Sorry, there are these modes. New generation mode will be a must. See you..

      • John Englezos

        Ok thanks, your a genius man if you are the one making these and really appreciate them. I wish there was a mod where i could have about 50000 souls and a few million coins as unlimited is a bit too easy and it hardly makes it worth playing. I just use your hack to buy all the characters and then uninstall it , but when i do i lose all my souls even the ones from selling packs, but keep all the coins which is weird.

        But still appreciate it very much, thanks

  • Ser

    it says the apk isnt installed

  • vintor monang

    I just dont know ho to download -_-

  • Anonymousse


    Am using Nexus 4, not rooted. Downloaded the 1.7 version. Upon trying to install, it says not installed. Any workarounds without rooting?


    • We’ve only tested the Samsung note and S series. (Devices “root” and Android 6.1) Sorry..

  • Corey Simmons

    I have a Alcatel one touch fierce xl (non-rooted) I put the file in obb on my file but nothing happened do I have to complete another step to get the hack to work

  • vako

    can i play it on bluestacks ?

    • uzi1505

      Hi there, I’ve done bluestacks before, as is this is a touch oriented game, I wouldn’t recommend as you sometimes need to block which requires you to hold down with two fingers and some attacks require two fingers also. I hope this helps your decision.

  • AndrewDZ

    Tuxedo Cassie and Cyber Jacqui – it’s locked – only cross-platform unlocks. Can You change it?

  • Donnie Owens

    1st download on s6 non rooted kinda worked. When I would be in a match its graphics are just fuzzy black and gray boxes and main menu you can’t see the words, everything is boxy

    • Exact can help. The game starts from the Play store to download the original. stop downloading from about 2-3. The original game was created extensions folder of files and folders according to your CPU model. Now you can “hack mode” on re-install the game. You can try a such ..

  • Stelian

    Game always stop working i reinstall meny time Samsung tab s2 previos version working fine, but war stop working

  • Muzzammil Mungroo

    When I press download it stuck in loading download and after 5 minutes it says download unsucessful. My tablet is lenovo tablet version 4.1.2 please help me..

  • Etsuko Amaterasu

    I just tried the v1.8.1 version with non-rooted phone. It’s working! Thank you Apkxmod !!

  • Ali Aslam

    Hey can I sync it with the mod? Anyone?

  • It may not work. Non-root mobile devices may give a black screen error. Also ram and CPU may need to be of ideal quality.

  • You should try ..

  • CrashpiG

    thanks for this

    • Thank you for your visit.

  • Yoga Putra

    it’s Work ?

  • Turbobit: You can download it from the link ..